Create a marketing engine that delivers new clients

It’s not about sending you leads, it’s about sending you leads that are more likely to buy!
Marketing Strategy & Programs for Financial Services, Professional Services, and Manufacturing Industries

Set Them Up To Buy

Some marketing only promises to send you more leads. That’s not good enough.

The best marketing will guide leads through a precision crafted funnel that prepares them to buy so you can close with more ease.

We create marketing engines that are tuned to find likely-to-buy customers and deliver them to you so you don’t waste your time


We’re business people first.
That means we operate with clear budgets, a focus on results, and excellent follow up and communication. Orderly, sensible, trackable – all the things you prefer, we prefer.

It starts with commitments

  • We commit to working tirelessly toward your objectives and meeting our responsibilities
  • We commit to professionalism and regular communication
  • We commit to a relationship based on honesty and trust

Formal discovery process

  • Understand your Business goals, Metrics for success, and KPI’s
  • Capture your brand beliefs, brand voice, and map the customer/sales journey
  • Marketing strategy development and validation

Designing & building your marketing machine

  • Clear Implementation plan with steps and deadlines
  • Marketing tactic selection & platform selection
  • Integrating into the JQL program management machine

Getting the gears moving

  • Platform setup
  • Tactical execution
  • Reporting, feedback, and continuous improvement


“JQLaCorte was instrumental in building our brand through various marketing activities such as LinkedIn advertising, lead generation, and organic content marketing with social and email marketing. Their entire approach was methodical and quite effective-yet required little engagement from us. The highly detailed reports allowed us to accurately measure data points and growth. Highly recommend!”
Maurizio Lauria
Brand Manager, Steute meditec
“Working with JQLaCorte has been wonderful. They were so quick to understand the culture of our organization and create content that speaks to our audience. They are always efficient in creating quality material and enthusiastic to learn about any new initiatives where content can be created. JQLaCorte has helped our two-person marketing team immensely!”
Christina Di Grandi
Digital Marketing & Communications Manager, Strategies for Wealth