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Boost Productivity of Sales Team with Coordinated Use of LinkedIn

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Productivity – the relationship between economic inputs and economic output; the efficiency with which we create added value for a given set of activities. Before the industrial and technological revolutions, greater productivity was the result of ‘working harder’ – and to some extent, that mindset remains present today. But with so many technologies and tools available today and the cost-to-capability ratio continuing to improve, managers are drawn to the ‘work smarter’ approach to growth. Given that many technological capabilities are underutilized or not utilized at all, there are a lot of technology-driven gains to be had.

One way to generate productivity gains for your sales team is to use LinkedIn in a coordinated manner across your organization. When everyone works together on the platform, content is more widely shared and the company effectively leverages not only their own company page followers, but also leverages the networks of any participant.

Sales likes this approach, as it makes for an easy entre or conversation-starter when one of the company’s though-leaders creates original content or provides insightful commentary on a curated piece. The content creation folks, whether that means the founder, marketing, or the consulting portion of the business like it, too, as messaging is spread widely across LinkedIn.

One interesting aspect to a coordinated effort is that the need to generate reach through paid promotion (sponsored updates) may be reduced – although, frankly, our clients find that a promotional plan with sponsored updates can really help ‘prime the pump’ for their program.

With over 400 million professional members, and robust search and targeting tools, LinkedIn is a platform that really needs to be a part of any serious go-to-market plan that targets the corporate space. Using LinkedIn in a coordinated, programmatic fashion – not individually – represents a different way of thinking about social media in the workplace, and also presents an easy-to-capture set of productivity gains as well.

Our firm creates comprehensive and customized Market-Reach programs that allow companies and teams to capture the productivity gains from using LinkedIn in a coordinated fashion.  Learn more.

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